Jane and I, and our four-year old son, Bobby, entered the store. Jane grabbed a cart and off we went to the grocery section. We’d been shopping about fifteen minutes when Jane asks, “Where’s Bobby?”I looked behind me and up and down the aisle, and questionably answered, “I don’t know. He was right here a second ago.” Jane and I both checked the adjoining aisles with no luck.“Go look in the bathroom, maybe he’s in there.”

Before heading to the bathroom, I replied doubtfully, “He wouldn’t take off like that by himself.”

I entered the bathroom expecting to find him. There was no one in sight. I leaned over to check under the stall but saw nothing. I didn’t see Jane when I came out of the restroom. Blindly, I scanned across the produce section. Jane appeared, “Was he in there?”

“No, there’s nobody in there.”

Jane headed toward customer service, “I’m telling security. Go check the car and see if he’s in there.”

“He ain’t going to be in the car, it’s locked.”

“Just do it!”

A bit of fear crept into me as I walked across the parking lot. There’s no way he’ll be in the car. I reached the car; he was not there. I started to consider the real possibility that someone kidnapped our son. Lord God, please, don’t let anything happen to Bobby. Please God, help us find Bobby.

I felt terrible as I headed back into the store. The greeter was there to let me in.

“Did they find him?”

“Not yet.”

Jane approached me. I could see the fear in her eyes. “They’ve put the store in complete lock down. All employees are looking for him. If they don’t find him in a few minutes, they will call the police.”

I didn’t know how much longer I could hide my own fear. “We’re going to find him, he has to be here.”

The two of us started walking toward the manager who was standing near customer service. We had almost reached her when she pointed toward the door. Before we could even turn around, we hear, “Hey, is this the little guy you’re looking for?”

The voice was that of the elderly doorman. And with him was Bobby, who had a look of wonder on his face.

“Bobby! Where were you?”

“I was in the bathroom. I had to go poop.”

“I thought you said you checked the bathroom.”

“I did. I looked under the stall. I didn’t see any feet.”

“You didn’t call out his name?”

“No, I could see there was nobody in there.”

Jane bent over and gave Bobby a big hug, “Oh my God. Thank you, Jesus.”

All the sales clerks and customers were smiling. We thanked everybody for their help and support.

Jane and I both let out a big sigh, and aimed our cart toward the ice cream aisle.

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